Open Access

Open Access (OA) means unrestricted and copyright cleared online access to peer reviewed scholarly research.

Open access comes in various forms

  • By publishing in Open Access journals i.e. academic free access referee journals, or free access academic books.
  • Through self-archiving in institutional or subject repositories
  • By publishing in hybrid Open Access journals i.e. subscription journals that provide open access only for those individual articles for which their author pay an Open Access publishing fee.

Publishing Open Access (on PhD on Track)

Open Access explained­ (YouTube film)

BI Open Archive

  • BI has established its own institutional repository, BI Open Archive. By archiving a copyright cleared version of their published work in BI Open Archive, researchers can make their research accessible for both academics and the general public.
  • Many publishers now allow articles published in their journals to also be published in open repositories. Often the final author version of the manuscript, post refereeing, is the one to deposit. More information on the BI Intranet, in the Research and Education section.

BI’s Publishing Fund

Some OA journals charge authors a publication fee. Researchers at BI may apply for financial support from the BI Open Access publishing fund to cover their costs. The fund is established to secure free choice of publishing channels where a required publishing fee may be a limitation for submittance.

Applications that fulfil the requirements will be approved consecutively as long as there are funds.

How to find quality approved Open Access journals?

  • The list of authorised scientific publishing channels in Norway contains many Open Access journals. Find them by using the "Advanced Search", choose NPI Scientific Field (e.g. Business and Finance) and limit to Open Access.
  • When searching the Web of Science for academic journal articles by topic, you may refine the search result by sorting out Open Access articles. This way you may identify open access channels within your interests. Conduct your search by topic, then use Refine Results in the left menu and select Open Access. (Journals included in Web of Science are quality approved.)
  • In Directory of Open Access Journals, DOAJ you may search for approved journals by subject fields. Before submitting an article for publication in a journal identified here, it is still advised to check the Norwegian list of scientific publishing channels.

Our general advices for journal quality evaluation apply to all academic journals, either published Open Access or as a traditional subscription journal.

Contact persons for Open Access at BI