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5 Best Apps for a more Efficient Life in Oslo

Five apps that can help you with everything from cheap grocery shopping to getting around the city.

too good to go

“Too Good To Go” is the perfect app to satisfy your hunger and help the environment, all while staying on a budget. Let’s face it, eating out in Oslo is very expensive, but sometimes we just want to take a break from cooking and treat ourselves to a nice meal/ snack out. Well, this app lets you treat yourself while not breaking the bank.

Too good to go is an app which lists restaurants, cafes, and various eateries all over Oslo that have leftover food, which they are willing to sell for cheap prices. For example, you can enjoy leftovers from hotel breakfast buffets or pastries and sandwiches from Starbucks. This app helps to decrease the amount of food waste and gives the people of Oslo a chance to get food for a fraction of the normal price.

Keep in mind that when searching for an offer each place will have a specific window of time for pick up, so make sure you are able to be on time.



Are you worried about the price of groceries in Oslo? Worry no more! Mattilbud is an ingenious app which compiles all the various advertisements from all the grocery stores in Oslo. Once a week the app is updated when the new sales flyers are released. Simply download the app and you can surf the sales flyers of all your local stores and find deals that suit your needs.

If you find look at a sales flyer too overwhelming then at the bottom of the app simply select “Kategorier” and choose what specific area of food you desire (ex: cheese, fish, soda…). At the top of the app page there is even a section name “Populære tilbud,” where the top deals of the week can be easily viewed. Furthermore, if you lack interest in cooking and need some inspiration then the section labelled “Ukemeny” supplies you with multiple recipe ideas.

This app is so smart that even if you go travelling outside of Oslo you can still look at sales flyers for that area. Simply go under settings and pick the city you are in. With Mattilbud on your phone you will no longer have to worry about the prices of groceries.


Oslo Bysykkel (Oslo City Bike)

Bicycles in Oslo are more popular than ever for being the most efficient way to get around the city and best alternative for public transportation! With the help of the Oslo Bysykkel app you can locate bike stations and unlock bikes right from your phone. They are one of the best transportation methods for a student since they are cheap, make you stay healthy, and are fun to ride around.

You have to have a subscription to be able to use the app, so you can either choose to get a day pass of unlimited rides of 45 minutes trips for 49 kroner or a season pass for 399 kroner if you are a frequent rider. Next step is unlocking your bike, which is possible from 6 am until midnight. You just have to go to a station and press unlock on your phone – it will show which bike is yours. It is incredibly easy to use the app, since you can check for confirmation on your phone when you unlock, ride and return your bike.

My study life

If you are a messy organizer like me, who loves simplicity, you will surely love this app! My Study Life is one of the most essential apps for a student since it helps you build, organize, and keep track of your own schedule. The interface of the app is very simplistic and everything upcoming is displayed right away on the home screen.

You can save your lesson plan and settings by creating an account and you can use it on different platforms such as a laptop and mobile phone. You can also add tasks and exam details and deadlines using the app’s dedicated features to stay on track. One of the app’s best features is that you can choose to get notifications before each class time or upcoming exam!


Ruter Reise and Ruter Billett

Both Ruter apps are essentials if you're thinking about coming to Oslo and using public transportation to get around the city. RuterReise allows you to plan your journeys on public transportation in a matter of seconds and it gives you all the information you need regarding departures. It doesn’t matter if you need to get the bus, train or metro, with RuterReise you´ll always be where you need to go on time! You can get real time information and it tells you which transports you should take in order to get to your destination in the fastest way possible.

RuterBillett, on the other hand, allows you to buy your tickets on the app whenever you want to. This can be a very useful way to make sure you always have a valid ticket, especially if you don’t want to spend the time buying it in the machine whenever you want to get somewhere. With RuterBillett you can buy your tickets before leaving home, for example, and make sure you don’t lose any time going from one place to another!