Good to know

Budget tips for students

Norway is not as expensive as you think if you know the right tricks. Here are some tips that help you save some money but still enjoy life as a student.


  • Stay at a student housing: Rent for student housing is lower compared to those in the private market. As an international student, it is guaranteed to get housing as long as you apply before the deadline. House price can range from 3000 kr to 7000 kr for a room depending on the type you pick!
  • Pick the right house type: Studio apartments are in general more expensive comparatively. Sharing a common area like kitchen, living room, or bathroom with other students can also help save money! There are many room types that you can find that fits your need.



  • Buy a student ticket for transportation: Monthly student ticket prices are 40% cheaper than adult price. It costs you around 450 kr per month. Buying this ticket, you can use every kind of public transportations, for example bus, train, metro and boat.
  • Pick a housing location close to school: If you live close to school, then you can avoid buying monthly student ticket by walking to school.
  • Use city bike or walk during summer: Norwegian summer is amazing, getting a city bike pass from Oslo Bysykkel or walking around the city can help you save money and get some exercise at the same time!
  • Make good use of youth or student offers for transportation: Some airlines offer youth tickets (Ungdomsbillett) for those who are under 26. A lot of companies also offer student tickets.



  • Grocery shopping at Grønland or local international grocery stores: Buying groceries from these places can save you some money and you also get more variety of food compared to shopping at chain supermarket.
  • Make meals at home: Eating out is definitely not cheap in Norway, so it is better to cook at home.
  • Bring lunch to school: On BI’s campus, you can find microwaves to heat up your own food. Although the student cafeteria’s price are fairly cheap compared to outside, bringing your own food is still the cheapest option.
  • Use Apps to get good deals for food: Mattilbud and Too good to Go are apps that gives you information about food on discount from supermarkets or good deals from restaurants or cafes in the end of the day. Normally you can get a fairly good price or amount of food through these apps.
  • Shop in Sweden: The sweeter things in life like candy, meat, coffee, alcohol and even tobacco are cheaper across the boarder in Sweden. Not only will shopping in Sweden for these items save you some money down the road, it also makes for a great weekend trip with friends!



  • Gyms that offer student price or special offers: There are many gyms have deals for students. There are also some gyms that you get special offers by entering during a specific time. Find out these gyms to save your pocket while be in shape.
  • Workout outdoors: Norway has amazing nature everywhere even if you live in a city. Try jogging, cycling or hiking outside during summer or skiing during winter! Experience the beauty of Norway while exercising.



  • Buy second hand products online: You can easily find websites, apps or student groups where you can buy or sell second-hand products. For example, Tise, Letgo, BI book market and Oslo student market. Sometimes second hand products are only half of the original price!