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Living Cost in Bergen

How much does student housing cost? How much do I need to live in Bergen? How much do I need to pay for gym, phone and public transportation? If you also have these questions, this article is for you!

Living cost is one of the most frequently asked question from our students before coming to Norway. Therefore, we have collected some information from our current students and research to give you an idea on how it is like living in Bergen as a student.

living cost in bergen


There are many different housing options for international students and national students to choose from. When international students apply for priority housing, the housing provider in Bergen is called Sammen. Rent varies depends on the room type you choose, how many people you are sharing with and location.

Student housing in Bergen

Sammen has multiple student housing for students to choose from in Bergen. You can easily visit their website to see the full list of housing they offer. They can meet your need of living in the center, close to school or even close to the hiking and the ocean. Here are a some options from Sammen that most BI students choose to stay at:


Living Expenses

living cost in bergen

  • Grocery: One of the best way to save money is by cooking your own food. Student housing are equipped with kitchen, so students can easily make food by themselves. BI also provides microwave for students to heat up their food. One of the cheapest shops to get food is at Rema 1000 and KIWI, doing grocery shopping there can save you some money!

    If you want to get cheap takeaway, we recommend you to download the app “Too good to go” That is an app where restaurants and shops sell the leftover food that they have for the day.
  • Transportation: Skyss is the provider of public transportation in Bergen. A 30 day student ticket costs about 480 NOK, and you can travel within the city unlimited with bus and Bybanen. If you live close to school, then this is an expense that you can save! See for more information.
  • Phone: There are many companies offering different subscription options for students. You can find monthly payment or pre-paid based on your need. Telia, Telenor, Talkmore or MyCall are one of the most commonly used among students.
  • Gym: Sammen provides gym with affordable price for 1200NOK per semester.
  • Other: This part includes eating out, haircut, shopping, parties, going to movies and other small expenses. It can vary a lot from student to student, some might spend more money eating out, going to parties while others might do more shopping or watch movies.

The pier in Bergen

Here you can se an overview of restaurants and bars that is very popular for students and also in the more affordable price range.