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Study Permit: Citizens from outside of EU/EEA

If you are a citizen from outside of EU/EEA there are some formalities that needs to be in order prior of moving to Norway for studies.

The information you need to apply for your Study Permit is found on the following website: Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (known as UDI)

You will need to allow 8-10 weeks for your application to be processed from the time you hand in your documents at the Norwegian Embassy or consulate. Application Fee for a Study Permit in 2019: NOK 5.400 payable to the Norwegian Government.


Step 1

Apply to BI Norwegian Business School online

Apply to BI Norwegian Business School and accept your offer of admission.


Step 2

Deposit of Funds with BI Norwegian Business School

Once you have accepted your offer of admission to BI Norwegian Business School (BI), you will receive communication from BI with instructions about depositing funds with BI equivalent to your tuition and one year of living expenses.

The deposit of these funds is a requirement of the Norwegian Government as assurance that you have enough money to live on while studying in Norway and that you can pay your tuition.

This deposit will be held in trust by BI until you are able to set up your own bank account in Norway. When you open a bank account with a Norwegian bank, the money will be transferred to your account (see note).

Once BI has received the deposit, you will receive a confirmation document which you will need for your application for a Study Permit.

Note: You must have a Norwegian national identity number to open a bank account in Norway. You apply for your Norwegian national identity number once you arrive in Norway in August.


Step 3

Apply for a Study Permit online

The information on how to apply for a Study Permit is customized by your citizenship and the country from which you are applying for a study permit.

Please note: BI s classified as University College or University

You will be asked to create an account as a new user and pay the application fee. Once you have registered and paid your application fee by credit card, you will receive a confirmation email from UDI, with a cover letter attached. This is confirmation you filled in the application form and paid the fee.


Step 4

Hand in Documents in Person

You must bring all the documents listed in the checklist with you to the Norwegian Embassy or consulate of the location as instructed for your country. Please read the instructions carefully. In most cases, you will have to book an appointment in advance.

 You will find a link to the checklist in the email that is sent when you have registered your application in Application Portal.

Documentation you must hand in when applying for your Study Permit:

  • Passport and copy of all used pages in your passport
  • Signed cover letter from the UDI application portal (or application form)
  • Two new/recent passport size photos with white background
  • A letter of full-time admission from an approved educational institution, stating your name, which studies you have been admitted to, at what level the studies are and how long the programme lasts*
  • Documentation that you have sufficient funds for your living expenses and you are able to pay the tuition fees*
  • Documentation which shows you have somewhere to live in Norway*
  • UDI’s checklist, filled out and signed

*BI will provide a document confirming your study programme, receipt of funds to cover your tuition and living expenses, and guarantee of housing in student accommodation. This will be issued once you have deposited the funds required by the Norwegian government.