Stand out, Go North

Are you ready to Go North for your master's?

This article highlights the 4 most important aspects to make your master's application successful.

Get yourself comfortable with our programmes, respective requirements and make a ranking list with up to three preferences

This is important as there are some general requirements for all MSc. programmes BI offers, but each program has further program-specific requirements, which are different from the others. The difference between Business with a Major in Marketing and Strategic Marketing Management? Find out here!


Have your documents ready

There are several documents you need at hand in order to apply, especially for applicants with international education:

  1. Official transcripts and diplomas. Make sure that your copies are certified and translated into English if the originals are in a different language. If you have not completed your undergraduate education yet, submit a copy of your most recent transcript and a list of courses you are going to take in your final semester.
  2. GMAT/GRE test score. Applicants with education outside the Nordics have to submit a copy with their GMAT or GRE score. If you have yet to take the test, plan ahead when you will do so and keep in mind that the preparation may take up several months. If you have graduated from one our partner institutions, you can apply for a waiver. Read more and download the waiver formular here!
  3. TOEFL/IELTS test score. Have your copy with your IELTS/TOEFL score ready. Mother tongue speakers are exempt from this requirement and applicants who have studied in high school within the EU/EEA area or their undergraduate degree entirely in English can apply for a waiver. Read more here!
  4. Motivational letter. We want to know what drives you to study in Norway. Explain your dreams and ambitions and why BI Norwegian Business School is your top choice to do your Masters.
  5. CV. Upload your one-page CV including all relevant education, professional and volunteer experience and anything else you feel worth to be mentioned.
  6. Financial declaration. How do you plan to finance your studies? Fill out the financial declaration form. This document is especially important for the visa process at a later stage.
  7. Passport. Submit a copy of your valid ID page of your passport.


Check out our Scholarship Options

BI Norwegian Business School offers several different scholarship options. The application goes in hand with your application to the programme and requires an additional motivational letter, except for the A. Wilhelmsen foundation scholarship application, which is organized via email. Familiarize yourself with the options and read more here!


Keep an eye on the deadlines

The earlier you apply, the better your chances to secure a spot. Priority will be given to all applications received by March 1st, which is also the deadline to apply for a scholarship. However, BI processes applications for the program until August 1st. Applicants from outside the EU must apply by July 1st to allow time for securing a student residence visa.


You meet all the requirements and have ticked off all the other steps on this checklist? Then go ahead and apply here!