Stand out, Go North

Top 5 reasons to study at BI

With a variety of programs to choose from, Triple Crown Accreditation, unique job market position and more, BI is the ultimate choice for a greater future.

Program variety

With over 20,000 students from 106 different countries, BI offers nine full-time master programmes and two full-time bachelor programmes in English. The variety of programmes at both a bachelor and master level are designed to appeal to students from around the world with different interests, educational backgrounds and levels of work experience. The diverse and plentiful programme choices at BI has been a long-standing reason that students choose to come to Norway.


Triple crown accreditation

triple crown accreditation.jpg

When you are applying for positions, you will not get far without the right combination of knowledge and skills. You can be a talented applicant with all the skills required, but if your education is not accredited in the country you want to work in, you will never get the job you are applying for.

BI is the only business school in Norway with the three largest international accreditations:

Globally, less than 1% of business schools have managed to achieve triple accreditation. Schools that achieve the three accreditations are referred to as “Triple Crown” schools.

Our ability to continually maintain and improve a high standard is a guarantee that your degree will be recognised and valued all over the world, increasing your employability.


Job market

With low unemployment levels and the ability to work part-time as a student, Norway’s job market is another appealing reason to study in Norway. BI students contribute to Norway’s diverse workforce that helps sustain its growing economy. To help students prepare for the workforce, BI’s career centre offers resources to help students build their CV, write their cover letter and prepare for job interviews. In addition to the many work opportunities after graduation, BI offers internship programmes at both the bachelor and master levels.



Ranking third in the world in terms of English proficiency as their second language, Norway provides many opportunities for international students to and practice their English skills. The widespread use of English in Norway makes it easier for students to navigate life in Oslo while improving their current language skills.


Unconventional choice

Last but least, Norway is an unconventional choice in terms of study opportunities. Norway’s unique leadership style, attitude towards innovation and widespread equality are an integral component of BI’s unique cultural and educational standards. Holding true to the values, BI is uniquely positioned to provide its students with an education that is reputable and globally recognized.