Stand out, Go North

Weekend hikes in Oslo

Oslo is surrounded by beautiful nature, there are lots of small hikes which lead you into green forests, to a peaceful lake, or to amazing panorama city view.

All the hikes in Oslo is easy to access and relatively easy to get to. Here are some of the most popular weekend hikes you can do to take a break from studying. See map of the following locations at the bottom of this page.

Sognsvann Lake to Ullevålseter

Metro line 5 takes you directly from city center to the most popular lake in Oslo, Sognsvann. It is a place where you can jog around, have a swim, picnic or BBQ. The other option is to follow the sign and walk up to Ullevålseter, where you can buy a warm drink, a small dessert or soup to reward yourself after an easy 5 km (one way) walk. Ullevålseter is a popular cabin in all seasons, you will see lots of locals going there in different ways (jogging, walking, cycling or skiing) all year round. If you take the big trail up, then it will be approximately 1h to go up and 30-40 mins down.


Vettakollen is in between Holmenkollen and Sognsvann. You can choose to walk from the metro stop that’s called Vettakollen on line 1 or walk from Sognsvann from the end stop of line 5. From Vettakollen, it will be a short walk around 1.2km (one way) to the top and from Sognsvann, it will be a 3.3 km (one way) walk with flat wide trail in the beginning and end with a climb through rocky trail to the top where you get a open view of Oslo city and fjord.


The end stop of line 3 is Kolsås. Getting to the south point of Kolsåstoppen from the metro station is around 2 km, which half of it is flat and easy and the other half is steep and slightly more demanding. In general, the hike is easy in Norwegian standard, but has one of the best view you should not miss if you are in Oslo! You will be able to get a 180 degree panoramic view of Oslo fjord without any block!


From BI Norwegian Business School you can see the top of Grefsenkollen, which is located on top of a small hill. During weekends you can even take a bus which goes directly up to the top (bus 56), but during weekdays, you will need to walk. The walk itself is easy and relaxing and on the top you will find a restaurant where you can sit down to have a sip and a snack to enjoy the nice view. Walking a bit further you can get to a small lake which is called Trollvann if you want to get away from people.

Maridalsvann to Øyungen Lake

Øyungen lake is a bit further out compared to the 4 locations listed above, nonetheless, it is still very easy to get to. Bus 51 takes you from Nydalen to the bus stop called ”Skar” and with 2.5 km (one-way) up you are at the beautiful Øyungen lake. If you like to explore a bit you can even walk further in to the forest to explore other connected lakes.