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Career Service

We can help you build your resume, explore your career possibilities, and find your dream job!

How can BI help your career?

The career service at BI acts as a link between our students and business. They arrange career fairs, organise the career portal, help students shape their resumes, hold job application courses, provide one-to-one career guidance sessions, and more.

Are you unsure how to get your dream job, or have any other questions about your career? Then our career service is the place to go. They can guide you through the jungle of possibilites that awaits a newly graduated student.

Pick your path, job, and career
Our staff can help you discover the many career possiblities in front of you. Perhaps you are wondering what your education can be used for, what is a good fit for you, what kind of salary you can expect, or what kind of internship opportunities you have? You can also schedule a career guidance session focusing on your wishes.

Help with your resume, application letters, and interview preparation
Drop by for tips and tricks. We can help you through the entire application process, for everything from a part-time or summer job, to an internship, trainee position, or full-time job. Current students can see our opening hours and resource page on @BI.

Job application course - through your whole degree
Become a great job applicant by participating in our tailored career and application courses. You will learn the ABCs of applying to jobs, often from actual representatives from businesses. You can consider this your career curriculum, and an important investment for your future.

Career fairs, seminars, and presentations
Throught the year we host exciting seminars focused on what it takes to succeed in different positions. You will hear about the career experiences of BI alumni, and attend presentations from leading companies. Current students can tune in to the career portal to see what's happening when!

Find your dream job at the career portal

Our career portal is a website where you can log in and find jobs and internships at companies interested in recruiting BI students. You will also find an overview of all career and recruitment activities at BI.