QTEM Masters Network

QTEM stands for Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management. This international network offers outstanding students the opportunity to develop a global network with strong quantitative competencies, analytical skills, international and intercultural experience, and management potential.


If you are looking for an exchange programme with a global reach and an emphasis on the quantitative and analytical skills in demand by employers, then participation in the QTEM Master Network is the master exchange programme for you.

You will learn to make optimal decisions by applying the knowledge and competency you develop by studying at different prestigious business schools who partner with leading corporations. Through the QTEM exchange programme, you will learn the latest quantitative techniques and develop analytical skills needed for a global career in finance, economics, big data, or management. By experiencing different cultures over the course of your educational experience, you will develop global insight and intercultural competency.

The QTEM programme combines semesters at BI and an exchange at a leading QTEM partner school, together with an internship, and participation on a virtual global team solving real-life business problems.

Select an exchange destination from a network that includes top universities from around the world. By the time you graduate, you will have studied abroad, had the opportunity to interact with global corporate partners, and complete the equivalent of eight weeks in an internship.

Who can apply?

QTEM Master Network Exchange Programme is an option in the following MSc programmes at BI:

Criteria for applying

  • 30 credits/no pending courses after the first semester of your master programme
  • Grade point average (GPA): B
  • You require a competitive GMAT score of 600 (target score of 650 preferred) or the equivalent GRE score. BI recommends GMAT.
  • Motivation letter and interview

When can I go?

  • Exchange in the 3rd semester of your master programme
  • Application deadline 1 February in your first year.

Contact QTEM International Office Coordinator for more information: info@bi.no