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Most courses at BI require you to complete an exam at the end of the semester, which will determine your grade for the given course. On this page you can learn about the different types of exams at BI, and how you can prepare for them.

What are the exams at BI like?

There are different kinds of exams at BI: 

Written assignments
Take-home exams submitted at a specified deadline, either in writing or digitally.

Written school examination
A traditional exam, where you sit in a classroom and fill out at an assignment over a given number of hours.

Multiple choice
Mark the right checkboxes on a sheet with predefined answers.

Oral exam
Either an evaluation in front of an external examiner, or as a presentation in front of a group.

Active class participation
Can be an evaluation of your activities in the classrooms, or of any presentations you have given in addition to other classroom activities.

To read more, go to the exams section of our student portal (log in).

Can I resit an exam?

Yes. Every student has three tries for each exam.

How can I prepare for the exams?

There are many services at BI that can help you prepare for exams.

Former examination papers
See the assignments students have gotten on previous exams.

Template papers
Familiarizing yourself with the template for term papers can be very helpful.

Study Guidance
Our professional student advisers can guide you to academic success.

Any questions? See the exam information on the student portal, contact the Exam Administration at 

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