Housing for international students

Housing FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions about student housing at BI. If you have further questions, please send an e-mail to housing@bi.no.

Who can apply for housing through BI?

Only international students who are covered by the BI housing guarantee can apply for housing through BI (1st year international degree-seeking BBA and MSc students; international exchange students; international Double Degree students).

What are the Housing Application Deadlines?

Pre-application deadline for the autumn semester: 1 May
Pre-application deadline for the spring semester: 1 October

I have completed the Pre-Application form – now what?

In mid-May (for autumn semester applicants) or in mid-October (for spring semester applicants) you will receive an e-mail from the BI Housing Office (housing@bi.no) confirming where you have been assigned housing.

Please do not contact the housing providers (SiO/BSN/Diakonhjemmet) until you are instructed to do so, as this will delay your application.

Where can I find more information regarding the housing alternatives?

BI cooperates with SiO (Association for Student Life in Oslo), Diakonhjemmet and BSN (Boligstiftelsen Nydalen). Read more about the difference between the three options.

In your Pre-Application you can indicate which housing unit you prefer. However we cannot guarantee that your wish will be granted, as the number of rooms are limited.

I need a visa to enter Norway, and they require a Norwegian address. What should I do?

Non-EU/EEA citizenss: When you receive your admission letter from BI, you are advised to apply for a visa as soon as possible. If you need an address when applying for an entry visa, you can use the BI address:

Nydalsveien 37

0484 Oslo

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens: You can enter Norway on the basis on your Passport or EU Identity Card. You do not need to apply for a permit in advance, but must register online when you arrive in Norway.

I want to live with my boyfriend/girlfriend. What should we do?

BI's Housing guarantee only covers single rooms. To be guaranteed housing, you need to apply though BI. It's very difficult to get a couple's room with all our partners, and the agreement BI has only covers single rooms. BI is therefore, unfortunately, not able to help you with that. If you are travelling to Norway with someone who is not a student here, we would suggest you to look for housing in the private market.

I wanted to live at BSN/Diakonhjemmet, but received an offer to live at SiO. Why?

We have a very limited number of rooms at BSN and Diakonhjemmet. Most students get rooms through SiO even if they indicated in their Pre-Application that they prefered BSN/Diakonhjemmet.

When and how do I pay the deposit and rent to the housing provider?

SiO: The information will be sent with your contract. If you have any questions regarding the contract and payment, please contact SiO directly through their contact form.

BSN: You are required to pay the first months rent in advance as a deposit. Please read the information you receive from BSN carefully.

Diakonhjemmet: You do not pay a separate deposit to Diakonhjemmet. However, the first months' rent is double, thus acting as a deposit. It is possible to pay the deposit and rent using a bank terminal in the Diakonhjemmet office in Diakonveien 10. You must do this when you arrive in Oslo.

I have followed the application instructions from BI and applied online at sio.no/housing. What happens next?

You will be contacted by SiO. This may take some time. You can check the status of your application at the SiO My Page, or alternatively contact them. Note that due to a heavy workload, it may take a week before they reply to your email.

When and where can I pick up my keys?

SiO: If you arrive outside the SiO center’s opening hours, your keys can be placed in a secure box with a code at the SiO Center (at Blindern).

BSN: You will receive your keys in an app. Information will be given by BSN.

Diakonhjemmet: If you arrive outside business hours, keys can be placed in a key box on campus. You will have to arrange for this with Diakomhjemmet's administration.

I returned my contract. Has it been received?

SiO: Please log on to My Page to check your status.

BSN: The contract is signed in the reception when you arrive in BSN. Do not return it by e-mail.

Diakonhjemmet: The contract must be signed and returned (by email) to Diakonhjemmet.

What is my address at BSN?

Your name, BSN Dormitory, Gunnar Schjeldrupsvei 13 A, Room no xxxx, N-0485 Oslo, Norway.

Where can I find private accommodation in Oslo?

Please see www.hybel.no (in Norwegian) or www.finn.no (in Norwegian).

When submitting the application at SiO it says "Nothing available". What can I do?

It is as SiO writes: nothing is available at the moment, but there will be rooms available by the time you arrive. You can apply for any housing unit you want to, even if it says "Nothing available".

The waiting list that SiO refers to on their website is primarily for Norwegian application.

I did not get the room I wanted with SiO. Can I change it?

There is no guarantee that you get your first priority. It is important that you accept the first offer you receive from SiO. You are only guaranteed one offer from SiO. If you decline the offer, there is no guarantee that you will receive a new offer.