Study at BI

Student Life

Student life is a lot more than lectures and auditoriums. It can be the best, most challenging, stressful, and rewarding period of your life. You will meet new people, find new interests, and develop yourself both socially and academically.

At BI, you will spend your time both attending lectures and working with other students in groups. Working with case studies is an important part of many of our programmes, and you will likely spend a lot of time with other students discussing courses and other academic topics.

You will also meet interesting lecturers who are the forefront of their academic fields.

Our classrooms vary in size. Core courses are usually held in larger lecture halls, while more specialised courses are held in smaller rooms. You will also be spending time reading, at the library or other places on campus. Sometimes, you just have to buckle down and read to learn about a certain topic!

But we also offer courses in study techniques. Attending these courses can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Studies in Norway

Study facilities

Natural light and open spaces give the BI campus the sensation of a small village; a place where everybody can feel at home. However you prefer to study, there is a place for you.

  • Language Courses

    In order to give international students at BI an opportunity to learn Norwegian and hence get a better grasp of Norwegian culture, BI offers Norwegian language courses on different levels to our international students.

  • Open Door Policy

    Contrary to stricter learning institutions, as a student at BI you should never be afraid of asking questions. The professors have an open door policy, so if you have any course-related questions, track them down and pick their brain.

  • Study Areas

    We offer many kinds of study areas - group stations, flexible work stations for both individuals and groups, silent areas and computer areas. In total, we have more than 3000 study stations on campus.

  • Lecture Rooms

    The building is designed for educational activities. We have 20 auditoriums and 28 class rooms, eqipped with the latest technology for educational purposes.

Academic Events

Both the Student Union and units at BI arrange several academic events throughout the year. 

  • Inspire

    Inspire is one of Norway's largest academic events, arranged by students and for students. This three-day event meant to inspire and motivate students with talks from leading businessmen and women.

  • BI Career Fair

    BI Career Fair is an event spanning several days, in which a range of companies are invited to BI to meet students - and potential employees. Our career guidance teams will also hold courses and presentations during the event to help you find your path.

  • Seminars and Presentations

    Throught the year, BI hosts exciting seminars focused on what it takes to succeed in different positions. You will hear about the career experiences of BI alumni, and attend presentations from leading companies.

  • BI Startup

    BI Startup is a meeting place for student startups. It's both a coworking space and a larger initiative to get our students involved with the Oslo startup scene.