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Why choose BI?

Here are our 6 best reasons

number 1

1. Quality and recognition

Choosing an international business school that is recognised and highly ranked impacts not only the quality of your education, but is also an important factor for your future employers.

number 3

3. Education for the future job market

We work closely with the business community and work continuously to adapt to tomorrow's competence needs

number 5

5. High-quality student services

To succeed as a student, we know from experience that a good framework is important.

number 2

2. Academic excellence

The definition of what a "good professor" represents, depends on who you ask and the subject.

number 4

4. World-class research

BI has one of Europe's most productive research environments in business, management and marketing. We work hard to be the best in the subjects we teach.

number 6

6. International profile

Being an international business school is visible across the organisation. For example, as much as 30% of our faculty are international!

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