Senior Executive from BI

Rolf Erik Ryssdal

CEO of Schibsted


“For young employees, the most important thing is to choose the right boss.”

People with non-visible differences, like religion, sexual orientation and some disabilities, must make a choice, to tell or not tell about their identity at the workplace.

AACSB accredited

The only Norwegian business school with triple international accreditation.

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  • From BI to D.C.

    As an intern at one of the largest Norwegian embassies, former BI student Per Olav Aamlid, works to pave the way for Norwegian companies to be able to succeed in the United States.

  • Information after terror in Paris

    BI is on alert after the terror in Paris. BI has 64 students who are staying in France and we have made contact via email and class contacts. We ask the students to follow the urging of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) to contact the...

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