Housing for international students

BI is proud to offer a housing guarantee for international students. In cooperation with three student housing providers, international students can choose from housing units all over Oslo. Please find conditions and application procedures below.

Would you like to live at the edge of the forest, with serene lake Sognsvann as your neighbour? Or do you prefer to live in the city centre with cafés, shops and theatres at your doorstep? Thanks to the BI housing guarantee, the choice is yours. Our three partners, SiO, Diakonhjemmet and BSN, offer affordable single rooms in student housing units across the city.

The following student groups are guaranteed student housing, provided that they follow the application guidelines and instructions outlined below:
  • 1st year international BBA and MSc students moving to Norway for the first time
  • Exchange students
  • Double Degree students

Please note that Ph.D candidates are not classed as students at BI. Therefore, we do not provide housing for Ph.D candidates.

Conditions for student housing through BI

The following conditions apply:

  • To benefit from the housing guarantee you must follow BI's housing application procedures (see below), and apply through BI.
  • You must apply within the given deadline. We cannot guarantee housing to students who apply after the deadline.
  • You will be assigned accomodation with either SiO, Diakonhjemmet or BSN. As the number of rooms at BSN and Diakonhjemmet is limited, we cannot guarantee that you will get a room there even if you indicate in the Pre-Application Form that you prefer to live there. Most students receive accommodation through SiO.
  • The housing guarantee applies to single rooms only. If you want to live together as a couple, we advise you to go out on the private market (this is difficult in Oslo, and we do not recommend it for international students at all). If you apply to SiO for a couples' aparment you will not be offered housing at all, and the BI housing guarantee will not cover you.


Application deadline for the autumn semester: 1 May (Pre-Application Form available from 10 February)

Application deadline for the spring semester: 1 October (Pre-Application Form available from 1 September)

The deadlines are final. 

Application process

1. Pre-Application to BI:

The first step in the housing application is to submit the online Pre-Application Form to BI within 1 May for the autumn semester or 1 October for the spring semester.  An application fee of NOK 500 applies to all applicants. The online payment of the fee is part of the Pre-Application form. If you do not apply through BI, you will not receive student housing in Oslo.

After submitting the Pre-Application form, please wait for further instructions from BI.

2. Application to the housing provider

In the middle of May (for autumn term housing applicants) or October (for spring term housing applicants) you will receive an e-mail from the BI Housing Office () confirming where you have been assigned housing (SiO, Diakonhjemmet or BSN) as well as further information about the application process.

Please do not contact the housing provider directly before you have received the e-mail from the BI Housing Office.

BI Housing Office

Questions regarding student housing through BI can be directed to the BI Housing Office ().

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