Throughout BI’s 75-year history, we have always been at the forefront. Ahead of the academic development, the educational development and when it comes to the interaction between school and society. The Board believes that BI Norwegian Business School has what it takes to maintain this position into the future.

BI has ambitious researchers that are shaping their fields for the future. Skilled students from all over the world that create a world-class learning environment where everyone can succeed. Alumni that make a permanent mark on businesses and build the framework for the working life that today’s students will become a part of. BI expertise will continue to be relevant, and a diploma from BI will continue to rise in value.

The pace of change in international working conditions and businesses is faster than ever. It is challenging for education institutions to adapt the content of courses and programmes quickly enough to meet expectations. Quality of education is on the public agenda, on the global agenda and on BI’s agenda. BI Norwegian Business School has taken an active role in the development of new knowledge, new educational science and new technological solutions. Strategic prioritisations to promote quality have yielded good results, and the efforts will be continued into a new strategy period from 2018. BI will prioritise the work on integrating knowledge about and skills within digitalisation, globalisation and sustainability at all levels of the programme portfolio.

There is considerable uncertainty associated with analyses of future conditions. BI’s solid position and financial position means that the school can withstand an expected decline in the number of students in full-time programmes. At the same time, there is significant potential in other parts of BI’s activity. When lifelong learning is increasingly becoming a larger part of working life, the demand for courses and programmes in BI’s Executive portfolio will grow. The potential in partnerships, externally funded research and international cooperation is vast and growing.

BI Norwegian Business School has many legs to stand on, and everything is in place for BI, as an institution for research and higher education, to be strong for many years to come.