Annual Report 2017

Board of Trustees Report

BI in 2016

BI aims to build the knowledge economy. Through 2017, top research and teaching has provided thousands of graduates the opportunities for attractive careers in business and public sector. It is about building brick by brick, and never settling for just "good enough".

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Programmes and students

A critical factor for BI's success is the ability to deliver courses and programmes with high relevance and quality to large groups of students where delivery models are in line with the students' high expectations.

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Research and academic activity

Having disciplines that are ranked among the best in Europe is important for strengthening BI’s international reputation, academic influence and the long-term recruitment of faculty. Targeted work with recruitment and publishing in highly rated journals were two important focus areas in 2017.

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Business and society

BI's objective is to be the preferred knowledge partner for business and public sectors by contributing to innovation, value creation and competitiveness at home and abroad.

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Organisation and employees

At the end of 2017 BI had a total of 851 employees. The total figures broke down to 447 administrative employees and 404 academic staff.

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Annual result


The Foundation BI Norwegian Business School achieved good financial results in 2017 with a profit of NOK 65.1 million. BI’s total turnover in 2017 was NOK 1 569 million, compared to NOK 1 514 million in 2016.

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The Board of Trustees in 2017

BI Norwegian Business School is led by a board consisting of eight members, four of which are external.

The four internal trustees consist of two representatives elected by and from BI’s faculty, one representative elected by and from BI’s administrative staff and one student representative elected by the student organisations. BI’s administrative employees and students are also represented with one observer each.

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Throughout BI’s 75-year history, we have always been at the forefront. Ahead of the academic development, the educational development and when it comes to the interaction between school and society. The Board believes that BI Norwegian Business School has what it takes to maintain this position into the future.

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