Annual Report 2019

Strategy 2025

BI has been, and shall be, a research-based, learning-oriented and connected business school. The most important focus areas for the institution towards 2025 are internationalization, digitalization and sustainability.

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At BI, students, academics and businesses cooperate to create a more sustainable future. We strive to achieve top academic quality and to make attractive careers and enterprises. We shall reach this goal through recognized international research and top-quality education in close interaction with business and society in general.


We are committed to helping our students succeed.
Our staff and our activities are focused on our students’ learning. We expect dedicated students who produce good results.

We pursue creativity and innovation.
We create values for our students, businesses and society in general.

We act responsibly.
We live by the principles of academic freedom and integrity. We contribute to sustainable development in line with the UN’s sustainability objectives through research, learning, operations, and cooperation. We have respect for students and colleagues.

We act in a collegiate spirit.
We contribute to an including place of work where we value curiosity and show interest in each other.

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