About BI

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer assists BI with information and advice in their processing of personal information and controls compliance with privacy laws. The Data Protection Officer is also the point of contact for all individuals who have questions about BI's processing of their personal information.

Logo Data protection officerThe Data Protection Officer has a neutral and independent function and is not subject to the management's instructional authority.

BI uses Data protection services for research from Sikt for evaluating research projects for our employees. As an employee you will find more information about handling research data on BI's intranett.

As a student you will find more information on how to handle personal information when writing your student thesis at the Student portal.

How to contact the Data Protection Officer
You are welcome to contact the Data Protection Officer at BI if you have questions or enquiries regarding how BI is processing personal information about you, or how you can exercise your rights like correcting or deleting your personal information. You can read more about your rights here. You can find more information of how and why BI process personal information in the privacy policy.

For inquiries about deleting the information BI has about you, contact us at info@bi.no.

Please contact our Data Protection Officer at personvernombud@bi.no. Please note that it is unsafe to use e-mail if you are sending information that is confidential or sensitive. Please send an e-mail to personvernombud@bi.no to receive information on how to send sensitive or confidential information.