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Global Strategy in a Transitioning World

Mirko Benischke, Erasmus University, Netherlands
Randi Lunnan, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

MNEs are confronted with an unprecedent pace and scale of change, so much so that change itself has become a primary characteristic of today’s business environment. These changes include, among others, the energy transition, environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), or the changing nature of globalization (geopolitical, economic, and environmental factors). This track invites papers that shed light on how MNEs strategize, coordinate, and change their activities and network across borders, in order to navigate the many themes of change affecting MNEs. Relevant topics may include, but are not limited to, implications of change to the MNEs organization and network,  regional strategy, location strategy, and cooperation with internal and external parties, including international alliances with private and public partners, outsourcing and offshoring decisions; governance modes, changes in headquarters-subsidiary relationships, global coordination mechanisms and management of organizational change, as well as the creation and transfer of novel organizational capabilities across units, sustaining value added activities or creating new global value chains. We encourage the submission of both conceptual and empirical papers, quantitative or qualitative, helping to understand these processes in the contemporary MNE.



Environmental change; global value chains; business model innovation; MNE organization and network change; global strategy; non-market strategies; regional strategy; outsourcing, offshoring; backshoring; modes of governance; international competitive advantage; international network changes; headquarters-subsidiaries implications; organizational learning; knowledge exploitation and exploration.


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