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Registration for EIBA 2022

Registration opens September 7, 2022



Refund Policy

We understand that some participants who have registered for the conference may have to cancel their registrations due to unforeseen circumstances. While we try to handle requests for refunds and & accommodate cancellations to the best of our abilities, any cancellation (especially if it is close to the event) puts EIBA 2022 in a difficult situation. Due to the size of the conference, we must make many of our arrangements well in advance; therefore, each cancellation comes at a cost to EIBA 2022. Consequently, the EIBA 2022 organizers have developed a cancellation and refund policy that considers equally the requirements of the conference as well as the participants. As such, please note that cancellation requests for previously confirmed registration will be processed according to the following schedule:

  • Cancellation by the early-bird deadline (October 14, 2022): 100% refund minus 30 € cancellation fee
  • Cancellation by November 14, 2022: 50% refund
  • Cancellation after November 14, 2022: no refund.

Please send an e-mail to eiba2022@bi.no if you wish to cancel your registration.


Information about accomodation will be sent out via the registration conformation, also see "Contact & about Oslo".