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Methods in International Business

Ulf Andersson, Mälardalen University, Sweden; BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Bo B. Nielsen, The University of Sydney, Australia; Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

This track explores, problematizes, and enriches the role that research methods play in advancing IB research. We welcome contributions that: advocate new ways to apply existing methods; critique current applications of a method; explore the application of methods from other disciplines; develop a new method; address the contextualization of research methods for cross‐border, cross‐cultural, and cross language contexts.

In all contributions to this track, it is important that papers make an argument as to how the specific method can contribute to theoretical development in IB research. All papers should provide strong examples to illustrate the issues.



Methodology; research methods; research design; contextualization of research methods; applied research methods; qualitative; quantitative; mixed-methods.


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