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EIBA 2022

Sunday, December 11th

EIBA 2022 workshop on quantitative methods

Date: Sunday December 11, 2022
Time 10 - 13
Host: Bo Nielsen

Workshop: Multilevel theory and modelling

Most management problems are inherently multilevel, yet most management (and particularly IB) research investigates organizational phenomena by examining them at single levels of analysis (e.g., individual, team, subsidiary, firm, industry, country, or region). Applying a multilevel lens reveals the richness of social behaviour by drawing our attention to the context in which behaviour occurs and the factors that shape behaviour.

Multilevel research addresses the levels of (1) theory, (2) measurement, and (3) analysis. A match between the levels of theory, measurement, and analysis is essential in order to minimize level-related confounds (fallacies of the wrong level). This workshop is designed to help participants understand the theoretical basis and practical application of multilevel modelling. The workshop will first focus on the theoretical assumptions and the characteristics of data with multilevel structure. Next, a number of empirical examples will be provided, and candidates will be asked to reflect on the multilevel implications in their own research:

  1. What is multilevel theory and why is it important in management research?
  2. Levels of theory, measurement, and analysis
  3. Applications of multilevel models in IB research - examples.
  4. What types of research questions can multilevel theory help answer?