The 19th SCANCOR PhD Workshop on Institutional Analysis

From 28 August to 1 September, BI together with Oslo Met and UiO, will host the prestigious Scancor PhD Workshop on Institutional Analysis.

Friday 1 September at BI - Campus Oslo


  • Time
  • Title
  • Institutional Maintenance during an All-Out Assault: Dynamics of Preservation, Legitimacy, and Adaptation in Israeli Academia during Times of Extreme Crisis

    Lecture by Gili Drori

    Room: A2-030 (Red 13)

  • Coffee Break

  • Institutional Theory and Deep Tech Entrepreneurship

    Lecture by Peter Kalum Schou

    Room: A2-030 (Red 13)

  • Lunch

  • Seminar

    Room: A2-050 (Blue 7)

  • Farewell Reception

    Farewell Reception at BI, Nydalsveien 37


Gili Drori
Gili Drori

Gili Drori

Gili S. Drori is Professor of Sociology and Anthropology and since 2022 serves as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Gili earned her academic education at Tel Aviv University (BA 1986; and MA 1989) and Stanford University (PhD, 1997, sociology). 

Before joining the faculty of The Hebrew University in 2011, Gili served as Director of IR Honors Program and taught at Stanford University for a decade. Gili held numerous positions of academic leadership, also elected to serve as President of the Israeli Sociological Society.

Gili’s publications speak to her research focus on global and comparative sociology: the study of globalization, its impact of states, societies, and organizations worldwide, and especially the global diffusion of ideas and practices. Among the issues she studies are academia and education; organization, management, and governance; and higher education, science, and innovation.

Currently, she is studying the global scope and historical redefinitions of the institutions of the state and of the university. Regarding the state, she is researching the expansion of the state’s social responsibilities and the state’s position in global governance. Regarding the university, she is studying managerial and governance processes in universities, the organizational identity and strategy of higher education organizations, and the public role of academia. For such studies she draws on global data and institutionalist methods, also situating Israeli organizations within such global context.  

Peter Kalum Schou
Peter Kalum Schou

Peter Kalum Schou

Peter Kalum Schou (peter.k.schou@bi.no) is Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School. He received his PhD in economics and management from Copenhagen Business School. Peter has been a visiting scholar at Stanford through SCANCOR. 

His research interests are the scaling of start-ups and science-based ventures, as well as how new digital technologies affect entrepreneurs, workers, and activists. His work has been published in journals such as Academy of Management Discoveries, Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Management Studies.