Leadership Talk by Linzhuo Wang

Mindfulness in projects: practices, perspectives, proposals.

  • Starts:13:00, 15 January 2024
  • Ends:14:00, 15 January 2024
  • Location:BI - campus Oslo, A2 - Red 10
  • Enrolment deadline:14.01.2024 00:00


As projects are getting larger and more complex, the importance of mindfulness is becoming more evident in managing projects well. The growing need to deliver a project successfully requires a combination of hard and soft skills, and mindfulness has been identified as promising for developing these skills. Therefore, it is critical to understand mindfulness in projects. In this session, I first introduce definitions and different perspectives of understanding mindfulness in projects, including the individual level, team level and organizational level. Second, I will present the practices of mindful organizing in projects. Third, future directions in mindfulness in projects will be proposed with the intention of attracting more scholarly attention.

About the speaker

Linzhuo Wang

Linzhuo Wang is Associate professor of project management, BI Norwegian Business School. He is also an adjunct professor at University of Agder. His research centers around project resilience, project governance and organizational behaviors in projects, ESG performances in projects, etc.

His research has been awarded by management conferences and journals, including International Journal of Project Management. His research has been founded by Project Management Institute, Nye Veier in Norway, National Natural Science Foundation of China. He is actively engaged with practitioners, where he discovered no less than half of his research motivations. He also provides consultancy services to companies. He can be contacted at Linzhuo.wang@bi.no.