The Future We Choose

Come join us for "The Future We Choose" conference on 10 September!

Tuesday 10 September
  • Starts:09:00, 10 September 2024
  • Ends:15:00, 10 September 2024
  • Location:BI - campus Oslo

Businesses play a crucial role in addressing societal challenges, and many are already unlocking future-fit growth with innovative technologies and strategies.

You will hear from internationally renowned academics, thought- and business leaders, and politicians.

After taking a closer look at the interconnectedness of our times biggest challenges, from planetary boundaries to humanity's impact, we will turn to solutions. Many are at our fingertips already, giving reason for optimism. This optimism is a force for innovation and deliberate action. 

We have a choice to shape our collective future and drive positive change. At "The Future we choose" you will hear from businesses that are catalysts for meaningful transformation and learn from their journeys. You will learn about the skills and talent and regulatory and political ambition needed for this transition. What we do now affects our future.

We, the BI Centre for Sustainability and Energy, Abelia, and Sustainability Hub Norway, are delighted to welcome you to be part of the collective effort to shape a more sustainable and resilient tomorrow.

Information about registration, programme and speakers will come.

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