From internship to full-time job in the finance industry

28 April 2023

Oda Djupvik landed her dream job in Pareto Securities. Now she encourages other students to take advantage of the opportunity to choose an internship during their studies.

Oda Håbakk Djupvik 05

Oda has already completed her bachelor's degree in finance and is currently pursuing an MSc in Finance at BI this spring. With her interest in equities, it was natural to focus on the financial industry. After taking an internship as a credit-bearing course at BI, she became convinced that she had chosen the right career path.

After a total of three internships at Pareto Securities, she is now looking forward to starting in a full-time position at the company in August.

"When choosing an internship, it's important to find a company and position that matches your interests and career goals," says Oda.

She knew that she wanted an employer that provided a lot of responsibility as well as career opportunities.

A hectic period

Being able to organise your time becomes critical when combining studies with an internship, usually with a part-time job on the side. For some, going the extra mile can often be challenging. For Oda, it was important to remain efficient and structured, as well as having an open dialogue with her immediate manager. 

"The company wants you to do well at school and understands that there might be periods when school needs to be prioritised."

At the same time, she says that you must be willing to put in the effort required and take on extra responsibility when the opportunity arises.

Grab the opportunity

Oda would recommend all students considering doing an internship to do it. According to her, being an intern is a unique opportunity to develop both personal and professional skills. You also get a taste of what can be expected in working life, in addition to it being a great opportunity to make contacts and network.

"The internships at Pareto Securities have reinforced my interest in the financial industry and prepared me for a career in this field," says Oda, adding that she has gained valuable experience and skills that she will take with her further in her career.

Are you a BI student and want to learn more about becoming an intern during your studies? Read more about the internship course here.

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Praise from Pareto Securities

Pareto Securities' internship program lasts for 8 to 12 weeks. According to Pareto's Head of Research, Eirik Haavaldsen, they schedule their main intake of interns during the summer, to give the students a longer continuous work period.

The interview process for internship positions is just as demanding as regular job interviews for full-time positions in the company. Many transition to full-time roles after completing their internship, according to Haavaldsen.

He adds that the company was very happy with Oda's contributions during her internships. 

"She has shown good professional insight and a very high work capacity. We look forward to having her on board full-time from the summer."

Quick facts about internships at BI

  • Oda was among the BI students who each year decide to take an internship as a credit-bearing course.
  • The course is available at both the bachelor’s and master’s level. Students receive credits and work at a pre-approved company during one semester.
  • Bachelor’s students often work in a company for a few days a week, while master’s students usually work full-time for a given period.
  • Bachelor’s students who dream of becoming entrepreneurs can also combine their interest with the elective course “Internship in your own start-up company”, where they get credit for working in their own company.
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