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Prior experience at a workplace is invaluable when you're applying for jobs. At BI, you have the possibility to gain this experience during your studies, through an internship.

What is an internship?

With an internship, you will work at a company with tasks relevant to your programme during a part of your studies. As an intern, you will gain work experience in a field that you're interested in, and be able to start building your network.

How do internships work?

Internships are available for most students at BI who are taking a bachelor or master full-time.

The internship is part of your curriculum, meaning you will spend part of your semester interning at a company, instead of going to lectures or classes. For bachelor students, this means going to work a few days a week, while master students spend two months exclusively at their internship, full-time.

Tasks during your internship

The tasks vary according to the company's needs, and your skills. Examples include market analysis, strategy development, customer relations, reports, analysis, recruitment, and budgeting.


Internship positions are posted on BI's career portal, where you have to find a company and apply by sending a cover letter and a resume. Additionally, you have to maintain the required grade average - C for bachelor, and B for master.

You are also required to attend regular course meetings, and hand in a project assignment.

As an intern, you will not receive a salary, but you if you complete all the requirements you will gain credits as if your internship period was a course.

International internship

As of Fall 2016 we offer our Master of Science in Business students the opportunity to intern at an international company while you are studying abroad. You will gain relevant work experience at one of BIs partner corporations. The internship is not paid, but you will be compensated with credits.

While you are on exchange, you will: 

  • Gain international work experience
  • Earn credits while working
  • Develop both academically and personally


To qualify for the international internship, you have to be enrolled as a Master of Science in Business student and maintain a GPA of B or above. If you're already a student, you can find more information on our student portal @BI, under BI Career Services.

Why choose an internship?

The internship programme at BI, which has been well received by both students and businesses, is a great addition to your education. Over the course of your internship, you will gain valuable experience in the field you're working. You will be able to start building your professional network - while earning credits towards your degree.

""During my internship at Blest Advertising I got a great feel for what it's like to apply my education to a real job.""

Victor Rolfsnes, intern in Blest Advertising

Student at campus Stavanger