Study at BI

Resources and opportunities

It's important for us to give you an education that fits with your career goals. As a student at BI, you have a range of resources and opportunities that can help you get the most out of your time here.


Life as a student is exciting, but is can also be challenging. BI offers different services to make sure you are feeling good about yourself and to help you succeed as a student. BI and SiO offers courses, groups and counselling that can help make your student life easier.

If you as a student, friend or parent have some concerns, contact us at councelling@bi.no or call Vibeke Aarflot at +47 464 10 101.

Personal Guidance

  • Counselling

    We can help you with everything from concentration difficulties, motivation, exam anxiety and more, in addition to practical challenges, deceases and functional disabilities. Contact us at counselling@bi.no.

  • University Chaplain

    The University Chaplain at Campus Oslo is a good interlocutor and counsellor, and have confidentiality. Contact the University Chaplain at studentprest@bi.no or book a session at Info Hub at the main entrance.

Academic Guidance


  • BI Case

    Case solving improves the students’ skills in areas such as presentation technique, team work, analysis, time management and out of the box thinking.

  • Exchange

    Gain additional international experience while you take a degree at BI!

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  • Internship

    Earn practical work experience during your studies!

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