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Learn more about your opportunities for going on exchange while you are studying at BI. From New York to Switzerland - BI Norwegian Business School has exchange partnerships with more than 200 schools around the world.

What is exchange?

Our student exchange programme allows you to spend part of your degree, either a semester or a year, at a school in a different country.

It's a great opportunity for motivated and ambitious students to gain international experience.

Through student exchange you will acquire language skills, a global network of friends, and a unique student experience.

Why go on exchange?

  • Get an international perspective and experience other cultures
  • Gain an international network
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Experience a different academic environment and new learning methods
  • Take courses not offered at BI
  • Learn how business works in different countries
  • Exchange is a great start to your career in an increasingly globalised world

Who can choose exchange?

Most full-time students at the bachelor and master level here at BI have the option to go on exchange during their studies. Where, and how long, depends on which programme you apply to. You also have to maintain a certain grade point average to be eligible.


If you specialise in International Business as part of the Bachelor of Business Administration, you can go on exchange during your last semester.


All master programmes at BI allow you to go on exchange for at least one semester. These are often the most sought-after graduates.

Double Degree

Get a degree from one of our partner schools, and BI, over the course of two years. Read more about Double Degree

Practical information

Cost and tuition fees
While on exchange, you will still pay BI's tuition fees, not the host university's. There may also be other, small costs associated with the exchange programme. You are expected to cover your own travel, insurance, and living expenses. Certain schools may also require you to purchase your own health insurance.

The State Educational Loan Fund
Students are entitled to receive support from The State Educational Loan Fund in Norway while on exchange. They are also entitled to this support while participating in the two-semester exchange programme.

To qualify for support you must usually be a Norwegian citizen. Foreign citizens can receive support for education in Norway when certain conditions are fulfilled. Read more on the State Educational Loan Fund's website.

Our partner institutions will help you find a place to live, see the website of the school you would like to go on exchange to.

Application process
If you are already a student at BI and curious about how the application process works, read more on our student portal by logging in at the top right-hand side of this page.


Contact us via the contact button in the lower right corner.

Partner institutions

The following is of all our partner institutions around the world. It's not meant to be a list of all the places you can go on exchange as a student here, but you can use it to get a general idea of the schools and countries where BI students go on exchange.

See the full list of our partner institutions here. 

Exchange Bachelor

Exchange Master of Science