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BI Case Teams

BI collaborates with business partners in connection with national and international case activities. Our case partners get innovative solutions to their challenges and unique access to talented bachelor students from international business schools.

Through case activities, students acquire skills that make them better equipped to cope with academic life, recruitment situations and working life. 

BI Case Teams – a unique opportunity for bachelor students

BI Case Teams offers a fantastic learning opportunity for motivated and courageous bachelor students. BI Case Teams enrols 20-30 students each study year. Students from all campuses apply to the same programme and follow the same training sessions, both onsite and online. During the sessions the students are introduced to all the building blocks of case solving. The workshops are delivered by our business partners, case alumni and faculty. 

Case students become better at converting theory into practice by solving real business challenges for Norwegian and international companies. They also learn how to work in teams, to use knowledge across disciplines to solve problems, to work under time constraints, to present in front of an audience, and they get in-depth knowledge of Norwegian and international business through interaction with our business partners.

Upon successful completion of the training programme, the students are eligible to compete in our national competition and to represent BI in international case competitions. This gives them a unique chance to build a network with bachelor students from top business schools.

All case activities at BI are carried out in English.

If you are a bachelor student and interested in becoming a member of BI Case Teams, you can read more about the application process and the deadlines in the student portal.

Close cooperation with business partners

BI works closely with selected business partners in connection with national and international case activities. For our competitions, cases are written by BI in close collaboration with representatives from the case company. The cases highlight a real and relevant challenge or opportunity faced by the company. At the launch of the case, a key representative from the company presents the case to the students before they start solving it. Representatives from the case company are also jury members during the case competition and they participate in the social events.

As a business partner you can contribute to BI Case Teams and our case competitions in many ways:

  • Deliver a case for the national or international competition
  • Be a jury member during a competition 
  • Host a workshop for our students
  • Give a lecture to our students
  • Sponsor a case team’s participation in an international case competition

If you are a business representative and would like to know more about this exciting opportunity, please reach out to us for more information here.