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BI Case Teams

BI collaborates with business partners in connection with national and international case activities.

Case teams from BI compete in many prestigious international case competitions every year. Case students with excellent performance during our internal training programme BI Case Teams will get the chance to represent BI in these international case competitions. 

In addition, BI has its own internationally recognized competition, BI International Case Competition (BIICC), held in February every year. BI is also co-organising the Nordic Case Challenge annually together with five other business schools from the Nordic countries. 

Over the past years, teams from BI have competed in

  • University of Münster Case Challenge 2023
  • NHH International Case Competition 2023
  • Central European Case Competition 2023 (4th place)
  • Nordic Case Challenge 2023
  • CBS Case Competition 2023
  • USC Marshall International Case Competition 2023
  • BI International Case Competition 2023
  • Rotterdam/Carleton International Case Competition 2022
  • Central European Case Competition 2022
  • Nordic Case Challenge 2022 (1st place)
  • CBS Case Competition 2022
  • BI International Case Competition 2022
  • University of Münster Case Challenge 2021
  • Rotterdam/Carleton International Case Competition 2021 (2nd place)