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BI Case Teams

BI collaborates with business partners in connection with national and international case activities.

Each year BI organises a national case competition. BI National Case Competition (BINCC) assembles 5-6 teams to solve two real business cases provided by our partners. BINCC is held in October/November every year. BINCC is open to full-time bachelor students who are part of BI Case Teams.

This is a unique opportunity for your company to get insight and innovative ideas into the challenges your company faces from some of the most talented bachelor students at BI!

Previous BINCC cases and business partners

  • Creating awareness amongst BI students about the Alumni network (BI Alumni, BINCC 2023)
  • Increasing Unrestricted Funds for Redd Barna (Redd Barna, BINCC 2023)
  • Tomorrow’s housing projects (USBL, BINCC 2022)
  • Organising “The Last Mile” (Posten, BINCC 2021)
  • Creating sustainable and profitable solutions using AI (Cognizant, BINCC 2021)
  • Together we are creating a vivid Norway (Tine, BINCC 2020)
  • From StartUp to an innovation community for all BI students (BI StartUp, BINCC 2020)
  • Sustainability in Non-life Insurance (Gjensidige, BINCC 2019)