Business and Alumni

Recruit from BI

BI has a broad range of options for you as a company, whether you are looking for recent graduates or you are interested in marketing your company to BI students.

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BI Career Portal

BI’s Career Portal gives you the opportunity to post vacant positions and promote career events in your company/organisation.

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Master Merit Society

The Master Merit Society is an initiative to strengthen the relations between master's students, research, business and alumni. Deloitte and Gjensidige are on the team, and the collaboration will provide mutual benefits.

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Company marketing

We give you the opportunity to market yourself and create valuable bonds with students through the BI Student Organisation.

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BI Internship

By offering internship positions you can team up with competent students that wish to use what they have learned at school in a real world context.

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BI Case

Case solving improves the students’ skills in areas such as presentation technique, team work, analysis, time management and out of the box thinking.