Three new honorary doctorates to be conferred at BI

6 September 2023

As part of the school’s 80th year anniversary, BI is pleased to announce three new Honorary Doctorates to be conferred this autumn.

Lise Klaveness, Nicholas Bloom and Kathryn E. Spier

"We are honoured that Kathryn, Nicholas and Lise have accepted these honorary doctorates. Through their work, they have been an inspiration for their peers, showed leadership, as well as exceptional professional and academic achievements. As honorary doctorates, we hope they will continue to motivate and inspire our faculty and students,” says Karen Spens, President of BI Norwegian Business School.  

The Honorary Doctorates will be awarded during BI’s Research Day event on 10 November. 

Lise Klaveness, President of the Norwegian Football Federation 

This year marks the first time BI’s students could nominate someone for an honorary doctorate. The student organisation BISO nominated Lise Klaveness as a representative of an individual whose contributions to society have been exceptionally inspirational for young people in general and to our students in particular.

Klaveness is a Norwegian lawyer and former football player. She is currently the president of the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF). As a leader of NFF, she has promoted human rights and equal opportunities for everyone, and also advocated change within FIFA. She has shown strong leadership, taken brave positions and maintained a focus on social responsibility.

Nicholas Bloom, Professor in Economics at Stanford University 

Nicholas Bloom is one of the world’s most distinguished economists in the field of macroeconomics and has made outstanding contributions to the field of management and its impact on society.

As a scientist, he has made important contributions that have influenced the views of academics, and managers within topics such as effects of uncertainty in economics, management practices and their impact on the economy and the relationship between innovation and competition, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

Bloom’s contributions to the fields of economics and management practices are extraordinary and far-reaching, and it is a great honor to count him among BI’s Honorary Doctorates.

Kathryn E. Spier. Professor of Law at Harvard Law School 

Kathryn Spier is an interdisciplinary researcher with work experience both in law and economics, but also in management and strategy.

She has published in top journals in economics and has an impressive publication record. Her research covers areas such as economics of litigation, contracts, tort law, antitrust and business organisation. 

With BI recently launching its programmes in law, Spier will be an excellent representative for the school with her background in both the fields of law and economics. 

More about Honorary Doctorates at BI

  • An honorary doctorate is a doctorate awarded without the person having defended a dissertation. Most often they are given to highly prominent and foreign academics. 
  • Honorary doctorate degrees can also be given as recognition of vital life work, even though it is not within a doctoral degree.  
  • After the 10 November, BI will have 18 Honorary Doctorates. Read more about the school’s current honorary doctorates here. 
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