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It is BI’s responsibility to ensure that all its students and employees feel safe and secure in their learning and working environment.

Harassment and other improper behavior is not tolerated at BI under any circumstance. As a BI student or employee, it is your duty to notify bullying to the appropriate persons and ensure an inclusive, fair and safe learning environment for all.


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For students

If you are a student at BI see the portal for how you can speak up about bulliying, unwanted behaviour and harassment, or complain about teaching, grades or formal exam errors. 

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Ombud for students

The Ombud for Students is an independent and neutral person who can help you with matters related to your study situation.

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Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer assists BI with information and advice in their processing of personal information and controls compliance with privacy laws. The Data Protection Officer is also the point of contact for all individuals who have questions about BI's processing of their personal information.

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Research ethics at BI

Research ethics concerns ethical aspects of the research role and the research work. At BI knowledge about research ethics is introduced through courses, seminars and other information measures.

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For employees

If you are an employee at BI go to intra for information about who to contact about health, safety and environment, problems in buildings and rooms, research ethics, information security or censurable conditions. 

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For the press

Get in touch with one of our press contacts for questions about our business or students. 

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BI's Appeals Committee

BI Norwegian Business School is subject to the Public Administration Act in its case processing. With regards to this law, individual decisions are appealed by the students. Individual decisions are decisions that affect one person or several specific persons.