Recruit from BI

Tips for the company presentation

More than 80 per cent of people sign up for the presentation in the evening via the stand. It is therefore important to be active and outgoing!

Stand at the school from 09:00 to 16:00
Do not wait for students to approach you, approach them instead. There are 12 bachelor and five master programmes at the school, so the best way to differentiate among students is to talk to them. 

The presentation
The presentation will start at 17:30 and lasts throughout the evening. The actual presentation portion usually lasts about 45 minutes, followed by questions from students.
Many also choose to give a small popular lecture that is relevant to the sector that the company comes from, followed by the presentation. This can also act as a draw for the company presentation. 

After the presentation, the company usually invites the students for mingling, with light refreshments. This allows both the company and students to get to know each other better.
For more information about the menu, please reach out to your contact. You can also contact the presentation manager if you want information before you have been assigned a dedicated contact.

Other options
Many companies also choose to invite the students to their offices for the presentation and mingling, which is popular among students. This is a good opportunity for the company to show off its working environment and premises.

If you choose this option, we recommend booking buses to transport the students. Næringslivsutvalget will assist you with getting the students to the busses after the last lecture.