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– The EMME programme changed my view on the energy market

Petroleum engineer Rahul Malik has been working in the technical end of the industry his entire career. To capitalize on his experience and learn more about the business, an Executive Master of Management in Energy from BI became the perfect solution.

– As the EMME programme focuses on energy management – and the world is currently heading towards a grand scale energy transition – I saw this as an opportunity to prepare myself and get a deeper understanding of the market as a whole.

For ten years Indian petroleum engineer Rahul Malik has been leading projects and providing solutions for the energy sector throughout the world. Working primarily with technology consulting and licensing in refining and the petrochemical industry, Malik was used to seeing the industry from only one angle.

– The programme changed my views on the market. I’ve always had a technical and engineer specific mindset, which always made me look for the “correct” answer. Thanks to the EMME, I’ve gained different viewpoints and are able to see things more clearly from a business perspective.

From Oslo to Paris: The tools needed to drive the energy industry forward

One thing that drew Malik to the programme was BI’s joint venture with IFP School in France. The EMME includes five two-week modules at both BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo and IFP School in Paris.

– IFP is well known for its energy technology and R&D departments. This provided much needed insight into the techno-economic aspects and the different markets of the energy industry, Malik says.

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– IFP is well known for its energy technology and R&D departments. This provided much needed insight into the techno-economic aspects and the different markets of the energy industry, Malik says.

The Executive Master of Management in Energy modules

  • Module 1: The Global Energy Ecosystem
  • Module 2: Fundamentals of oil, gas and power business
  • Module3: Regulations, laws and leadership
  • Module 4: Energy Technology in Action
  • Module 5: Shaping the Future Energy Ecosystem

Associate Dean Lars Huemer at BI explains that the close collaboration with IFP School is key to equip the students with all the necessary tools to cover responsibility roles in the sector.

– IFP focuses more on the technical and engineer oriented elements, while BI are responsible for what goes into management, leadership, strategy and business models. This leads to students with a background in engineering often feeling more at home at IFP.

– At the same time there is a need for knowledge about management, strategy and organization. Combining the two makes our students well equipped in several subject areas, Huemer says. 

Malik agrees.

– Being a technologist I could easily implement the tools I learned in the different modules, both in making my professional role more effective and bringing benefits to the company. Not only has this helped me in my current role, it has also helped me pave out a new career path within the company.

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Rahul Malik EMME Alumni

The perfect combination of academic knowledge and industry insight

Malik especially highlights the interaction with the lecturers and the other students. The assistance and encouragement to express themselves freely during classes has inspired him.

– The entire experience was relatively new for me. Being the youngest, I was privileged to learn from the different experiences and expertise in the group. The combination of valuable insight from my classmates and challenging but interesting modules, made me feel like I was constantly learning and growing throughout the course.

– For me, the interaction between lecturers and students was excellent. They were always open for questions and ready to discuss the different points of view we presented. The mix of lecturers brought a perfect combination of academics and business knowledge from the industry, Malik says.

Nevertheless, Malik vows that continuous learning is the key to developing the energy sector. – The skills I acquired from the programme makes it easier for me to see the big picture, and that will help me develop professionally each day.

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Rahul Malik EMME Alumni