7 things we love about the BI campus

Although times are still uncertain, we have been fortunate enough to be back on campus for a while now, and students are thriving. Things we used to take for granted, we now appreciate in new ways. Here are the seven things that Khushal and Li love most about campus life.

Text: Pauline Findalen Östgård/Spoon
Photos: Geir Anders Rybakken Ørslien/Spoon

Khushal and Li are two of our students who love being back: Khushal Bajaj (20) is in his second year of studying Business Administration at the bachelor level. Li Lin (32) is studying for her Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance.

Khushal Bajaj  Li Lin

They are both actively involved in the school’s activities - Li as a teaching assistant and Khushal as a member of several of the school’s associations. But what's at the top of the list of things that they’re excited to return to on campus?

These are the top seven items on their list:

7. Large, open premises

BI’s campuses in Oslo and Bergen are spacious and modern, and Khushal highlights the physical premises as being one of the things that he has missed most, especially when his alternative over the past year has been the desk in his room at home.

– I've been looking forward to studying on campus again, and being able to walk around the large, open premises here. It feels like there's a lot more room to breathe in here than at home! Glassgaten_DSC_7761

6. Part-time job at BI

For Li, one of the great advantages of re-opening the campus is that she can return to teaching her students face-to-face. She is a part-time teaching assistant at BI in Oslo, and she is relieved about not having to do all her teaching via a screen.

– It's much easier to teach physically on campus! For example, when I want to show them how to use software, it's much better to physically show them, she says.

5. The library and library assistants

Li also highlights access to the library. The libraries are usually open every day Monday through Saturday, and the library in Oslo is also open on Sundays. They provide students with access to large amounts of research, curricula and other literature. You can find a lot online, but nothing replaces a real library — or the library assistants.

4. Sitting in the same room

Perhaps the greatest transition between working at home and having an on-campus office is having the opportunity to engage in physical teaching. According to Khushal, seeing his fellow students and teachers physically is both nicer, and not least more effective. Li agrees.

– If I run into trouble, I can ask my fellow students and teachers questions during the break. It is much easier to share your learning experiences during the breaks because everyone is more relaxed then, she says.Li Lin

3. Social activities

Khushal is actively engaged in the school’s social activities and he is a member of several student associations. In addition to academic associations, the school has several special interest associations which aim to bring together students with similar interests. Khushal has found a rather special one that he is interested in, namely ice bathing.

– There have been no activities during lockdown, but we are now back in business, he says as he looks forward to swimming every week throughout the winter.

2. Collaboration in small groups

Teams, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime. These are great for many contingencies, but not everything – and working in online groups is not always ideal. That is something that Li has also experienced.

– BI has numerous group assignments where we are required to work together closely and effectively. We have now realised that physically meeting up in groups is much better because we communicate better and cooperate more efficiently.”Li Lin and Khushal Bajaj

1. Super fellow students

After spending more than one year at home, neither Li nor Khushal are in any doubt about which item features at the top of this list: fellow students and teachers! Friends and colleagues!

Khushal has missed meeting new people and he is looking forward to spending this semester on campus. Li will soon have completed her master’s degree and is about to start work.

– Now that campus is open, I can finally meet my friends properly. That's what I'm most looking forward to: sitting down and chatting together about what has happened in our lives and the progress we are making with our job applications.

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