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BI is proud to offer a housing guarantee for international students. In cooperation with our housing providers, international students can choose from several different housing locations.

Would you like to live at the edge of the forest, with serene lakes as your neighbour? Or do you prefer to live in the city centre with cafés, shops and theatres at your doorstep?

Thanks to BI's housing guarantee for international students, you have several options. After completing the steps below, you will be assigned your own room based on your individual priorities in terms of housing provider and availability. We cooperate with several housing providers that offer affordable single rooms in a variety of student housing units across Oslo and in Bergen. 

International students at BI Campus Oslo are only guaranteed a room in a student residence if they apply through the Pre-Application for Housing before May 1 for students starting in Autumn and October 1 for students starting in the Spring semester. This does not apply for students at Campus Bergen. Further information about how to apply for housing in Bergen can be found under the “Bergen” section below. Please note that the housing guarantee only applies to new students at BI arriving in Norway for the first time. 

You will receive an email from the BI Housing Office later in May/October confirming which housing provider you have been assigned. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully even though you may not have received your first priority. The email will contain detailed information about what you need to do to secure your room with your assigned housing provider. Make sure you follow the deadlines, or you risk loosing the housing guarantee.

Different rooms in the Student housing BSN

Students who are waiting for admission to BI must submit an application for housing before the deadline. If you are not admitted to BI, the pre-application fee (1000 NOK) can be refunded. The same applies if your study permit application is rejected.

The majority of the rooms offered in student residences are furnished, but you are not guaranteed a furnished room unless you are an exchange student staying in Norway for less than one year.

Student housing is generally the most affordable accommodation you will find in Norway and also one of the best ways to meet new people and quickly build your social network.

Housing Options

We strongly recommend that full degree students from outside EU/EEA chose SiO as their preference if they want to use their residence permit deposit money to pay their rent (Note! This does not apply to Exchange students as they are not required to have a residence permit deposit).

Please note that in general students are not guaranteed their preference. It is important that you follow the instructions you receive from BI carefully even if you did not receive your first choice of housing. If you do not follow the instructions, you risk losing your housing guarantee.