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BI is proud to offer a housing guarantee for international students. In cooperation with three different student housing providers, international students can choose from housing locations all over Oslo.

Would you like to live at the edge of the forest, with serene lake Sognsvann as your neighbour? Or do you prefer to live in the city centre with caf├ęs, shops and theatres at your doorstep?

Thanks to the BI housing guarantee, the choice is yours. Our three partners, SiO, Diakonhjemmet and BSN, offer affordable single rooms in student housing units across the city.

Student housing is generally the most affordable accommodation you will find in Oslo and also one of the best ways to meet new people. You can quickly build your social network and make new friends by living exactly where so many other students choose to live.
Student housing

International students at BI will not receive student accommodation in Oslo if they do not submit the Pre-Application for Housing.

Housing Options

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  SiO BSN Diakonhjemmet
Website SiO BSN Diakonhjemmet
Location 5-40 minutes by public transport from campus  5-10 minute walk from campus 20 minutes by public transport from campus
Rent  Decent room 3000-5000 NOK* per month  4850-5100 NOK* per month 4550 NOK* per month
Deposit 3000-8000 NOK*  One month's rent 5000 NOK*
Electricity Fixed or as consumed As consumed. Fixed amount for hot water (120 NOK* a month) Included in rent
Furniture Bed, closets, desk and chair  Bed, closets, bookshelf, desk & chair Bed, desk, bookshelf, closet, and a sink
Kitchenware No  No No
Bed linen, pillows & blankets No  No No
Rooms Private bedrooms. Shared bathroom & kitchen. Apartment with 2 private bedrooms. Two people share kitchen & bathroom. Private bedroom with shared kitchen & bathroom
Internet Yes Yes Yes

* Subject to change