Academic Recognition

If you have a relevant background, academic recognition may be relevant to you. Here you will find information about the types of academic recognition practiced at BI.

If you have completed studies from approved / accredited foreign higher education, you can apply for an equality assessment of said studies toward a specific degree at BI Norwegian Business School. This approval will give you the right to use the title set for such a degree.

Requirements for documentation

BI Norwegian Business School can request presentation of the originals of these documents. BI may also request verification of documents directly from the issuer.

Documentation of formal competence

The following documents must accompany the application:

  • Official copy of certificates / transcripts.
  • Course descriptions including content, level, scope, learning outcome and forms of examination in relevant courses in which you have previously taken examinations.
  • If course descriptions are not in English or Norwegian/Danish /Swedish, official approved translation must be attached.
  • If course plans or course descriptions are available online, make sure the web address (url) appears on the printout. Course plans or course descriptions without a clear reference to the source are not accepted. 
  • Curriculum lists.
  • If the examination was taken at a foreign university/college, the course's weighting in relation to full annual progression must be documented.
  • College/university must have documented public approval in the country where it is based.

Documentation of non-formal competence

An application on the basis of non-formal competence / prior work and learning experience must be sufficiently documented for professional assessments to be made.

Such documentation can be, e.g.;

  • Confirmation or certificate from employer or voluntary organisation which describes the applicant's work tasks and participation in concrete work operations or work areas, including which work methods the person concerned has applied. The scope and content of any formalised professional guidance given to the applicant must also be accounted for.
  • The confirmation / certification must be signed and dated, and indicate the duration of employment / affiliation with the organisation, the applicant's position / organisational duties and full-time/part-time position. We recommend that the documentation be written on the basis of the application for exemption, as general references do not normally cover the documentation requirements for such an application.
  • Course certificates with course descriptions documenting the course's scope, content and level.
  • Published articles, reports, etc. within the subject area or discipline in question.
  • Work samples, products, etc. within the subject area or discipline in question. The applicant must be able to document that the presented work is the applicant's own.

Can't you document your academic competence?

If you are e.g. a refugee, and due to special circumstances cannot document your academic competence, you can also have your education assessed for equivalency at BI Norwegian Business School. Your education must be within BI's disciplines, and you must personally familiarise yourself with our studies to have your education applied against a relevant degree. You will be tested in the subject areas.

Last updated 15 July 2020