Academic Approval

Students who have a relevant education background may be able to have previous education approved at BI Norwegian Business School. BI has three types of approval. ​​

​If you have previous education from other publicly approved universities and colleges, you can apply to have this recognised when applying for admission to BI Norwegian Business School.

  • Up to 120 ECTS-credits previously taken at BI, or other publicly approved education from university and colleges, may be recognised as part of the degree.
  • Such recognition must at least comprise 30 ECTS credits.
  • The student must have of minimum of 60 credits from BI before a degree can be awarded.
  • Such recognition is not valid unless you receive written information to this effect from the relevant executive officer at your local study centre. 
  • A granted exemption from an examination can change the degree programme and thus have consequences for loans / scholarships through the Norwegian Loan Fund (see www.lanekassen.no).


Last updated 27 February 2019