Academic Recognition

If you have a relevant background, academic recognition may be relevant to you. Here you will find information about the types of academic recognition practiced at BI.

NB! The last time you can apply for course-by-course exemption for examination as stated below, is Spring 2023. 

More information coming. 

If your background covers BI courses that are included in your degree, you can apply for exemption for examination from specific courses, on the basis of formal competence or non-formal competence / prior work and learning experience

  • You may be granted course-by-course exemptions on this basis for a total of 29 credits. The course for which you are applying for exemption must be part of your degree programme and you may not apply for exemption of elective courses. 
  • For Bachelor of Management, you can only apply for exemption from core courses in the degree programme.
  • It will be evident from your certificate that the exemption is granted on the basis of non-formal competence / prior work and learning experience.
  • An exemption does not reduce tuition fee.
  • If exemption is granted for a course, you can still take the examination. The rule assumes that the courses are part of the course portfolio at BI, and that you are within the completion deadline. If you have been granted exemption in a course, and you choose to take the course examination at a later time, you must personally register for the examination within the given deadlines. You can choose whether you want your certificate to read the grade or exemption.
  • A granted exemption from an examination can change the degree programme and thus have consequences for loans / stipends through the Norwegian Loan Fund.

Regarding formal competence

Exemption applications with documented formal competence must have a relevant professional background which in sum covers the BI course's credits.

Regarding non-formal competence

Non-formal-competence / prior work and learning experience must be acquired after 18 years of age, and you can be granted course-by-course exemptions on this basis for a total of 29 credits.

For examinations / studies forming the basis for authorisation, and thus have grade requirements, you cannot apply for exemption on the basis of non-formal competence / prior work and learning experience (see the Academic regulations Section 4-4, 2 b).

To earn a degree / certificate

The student must have earned at least 60 credits at BI Norwegian Business School to be awarded a degree. To receive a course certificate from one-year non-degree studies, a minimum of 30 credits must be earned at BI Norwegian Business School​.


Application Period
1. January-1. February Processed by BI at the latest by 25. February
  • The application form must be completed by the given date, and the necessary documents included, for the application to be processed by the times listed.

For Master of Science, the deadline for applying for exemption are:

  • 1 February for courses in the spring semester

The master administration can be reached through info@bi.no for any questions.

Last updated 1 November 2022