Master of Science in Business

Siviløkonom Title

The “Siviløkonom” title is a well-established and recognised professional qualification in business and industry in Norway which indicates a high level of education in business studies.

Eligibility for the Siviløkonom title

Depending on the applicant’s educational background, he/she may be eligible for the Norwegian title ‘Siviløkonom’ upon graduation from the MSc in Business programme. The bachelor’s degree must meet the course requirements prescribed by the UHR (The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions). It is the combination of courses in the bachelor’s degree and the courses in BI’s MSc in Business programme that make a graduate eligible for the credential.


Undergraduate degree requirements

A successfully completed Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS credits) in the field of business administration, finance, or economics. A minimum of 90 ECTS must be comprised of credits from each of the following areas: business economics, methodology, economics, administration and ethics.

The bachelor’s degree must meet the UHR (The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions) course requirements. The UHR course requirements are as follows:

  • Economics: 15-30 ECTS credits e.g. Micro and Macro
  • Methodology: 20-30 ECTS credits e.g. Mathematics, Econometrics
  • Business Economics: 30-45 ECTS credits e.g. Finance, Accounting
  • Administration and Management: 30-45 ECTS credits e.g. Management, Strategy, Marketing
  • Ethics, CSR and sustainability: 7.5-15 ECTS credits (may be included in other courses)

To meet the requirements set by UHR, courses cannot overlap and must demonstrate academic progression.

These course requirements were adopted by NRØA on 6 June 2016 and updated after UHR's decision on 12 November 2018 as a recommended plan for higher education institutions to design curriculum for bachelor’s degrees in business administration. More information can be found on the UHR web pages. Please note that the new BØA model will be fully implemented from Autumn 2021, and in the transitional phase the former NRØA requirements will also make applicants eligible to earn the Siviløkonom title.

Master’s graduation

Students who meet the requirements set by NRØA for their undergraduate studies and who successfully complete the academic requirements for the MSc in Business programme will have the Siviløkonom title noted on their final diploma.

Last updated 24 January 2020