Enrollment and fees

Information regarding your enrollment contract, tuition fee, and potential withdrawal.

Please check your enrollment contract for all details concerning your personal rights and obligations.

Enrollment Contract

When you receive an offer of a place to study you must sign a binding contract to accept the offer of admission. Make sure you read the contract well prior to signing and familiarize yourself with the terms including all attachments. Your enrollment in the study programme will be valid only when the enrollment contract has been signed and returned to BI Norwegian Business School by the specified deadline.

Tuition Fees

You are obligated to pay the tuition fees for the nominal length of study, with an opportunity to withdraw in accordance with the Academic Regulations. The tuition fees are due and must be paid at the beginning of each semester.

Academic literature is not included in the tuition fee. BI Norwegian Business School reserves the right to adjust the tuition fees before each academic year.

Information regarding fees for the following academic year is available here.


You may withdraw from the programme/education both before and after you have started. However, certain deadlines apply, depending on which programme you're enrolled in. Read more here:

Cancellation right, withdrawal, leave of absence and postponement

In accordance with The Consumer Purchases Cancellation Act (Angrerettloven) you have a statutory cancellation right of 14 days from the date you signed the enrollment contract. If you change your course of study within the same year, but have already signed an enrollment contract, your cancellation right will not be renewed with the new contract.

In the event that you exercise your legal right to cancel the enrollment after the commencement of classes, your tuition fee will be dependent on the amount of classes you have had the opportunity to attend. A notice of cancellation can be sent to BI Norwegian Business School. It is the responsibility of the student to document that the notice of cancellation has been sent within the specified deadline. In the case that a notice of cancellation is delivered after the specified deadline, you will be obliged to pay the tuition fee for one semester ahead.


Last updated 30 October 2023