Tuition Fees


Tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic year

Prices Executive

  Credits Price in NOK
Executive Master of Management   2020/2021
Programme 30 89 000
Programme 15 44 800
Programme with module abroad  30 94 600
Executive Master of Management Energy   2021/2022
Programme  90  300 000
Executive MBA   2021/2022
EMBA 90 465 000
Bachelor-courses   2020/2021
Bachelor-course (online) 7.5 12 225
Bachelor-course 7.5 17 800

The tuition fee is invoiced in two equal rates distributed during the fall and spring semester.

Tuition fees include lectures and ordinary examination fees. Relevant course literature for programmes are an additional cost.

Programs with a module abroad or in hotels in Norway: Travel and accommodation expenses will be in addition to the regular tuition fees and will be invoiced directly from the tour operator.

The Management Board of BI Norwegian Business School reserves the right to annually adjust tuition fees.