Master of Management programme

Sustainable People Management

This course covers social sustainability and how it can be integrated into organisations.

What you’ll learn:

  • Strategies and guidelines for sustainable organisational management.
  • Describe the impact of organisation’s strategies, policies and practices on employees and other stakeholders in the society.
  • Explain based on research-based evidence how sustainable people management adds value to organisations and societies. 

This course explores social sustainability and how it can be integrated into organisations. The course focuses on organisational management and looks at the manager's role in designing and maintaining systems that promote social sustainability in the workplace. 
During the course, you will develop skills and competence that enable you to work with social sustainability in a practical way. You will also be able to critically evaluate existing strategies in organisations and come up with proposals for measures for improvement.

This course is relevant for managers and leaders in public and private organisations and across sectors.  

Admission requirements

To take this course you must

  • be at least 25 years old
  • have completed a bachelors degree
  • have 4 years of full time work experience (3 years if you already have a masters degree) 

Students without a completed bachelors degree can, in some cases, be admitted based on prior learning and work experience.

Take the course or build a degree

This course can be integrated in an Executive Master of Management.

The course awards 15 credits, a masters degree consists of 90 credits. Should you choose to take more masters level courses later, you can accumulate a complete masters degree. The combination of curses is up to you, based on your learning goals and career plans. 


This course is conducted through a combination of campus and online learning process. The campus module will consist of two sessions, each session lasts for two days. The online module will combine online content, videos and exercises to support the learning, both individually and in groups. 
The syllabus is made available as soon as you have been admitted to the course.  

Exams consists of a project assignment that counts for 60 % and an individual 72-hour home exam that counts for 40 %. The project assignment can be written individually or in groups of up to three people. 


Course manager and Professor at the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour. She obtained her PhD from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research on people management is published in various international scientific journals. Wajda has been involved in various sustainability projects in education.

Time and effort required

All our courses are structured to fit alongside a job and a personal life. Still - you'll need to dedicate some time.

You'll spend a total of four workdays on sessions, plus three days for the home exam.  

Additionally, you'll need to make time for reading the course material and writing the term paper. How much time this takes varies widely from student to student, and you can adjust this to fit your other commitments.


This course is eligible for support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.  

The tuition fee is charged after study start, normally 1 October. 

Want to know more?

We regularly host informational webinars that you can join (Norwegian page).

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