Course description

Managerial Economics: Theories and Marketing Applications


Managerial economics, meaning the application of economic methods (with specific reference to Industrial Organization) in the managerial decision-making process, is a fundamental part of any business or management course. This course covers all the main aspects of managerial economics. It includes numerous and extensive case studies, as well as review questions and problem-solving applications at the end of each section.

Selected Topics

  • The theory of the firm; production and cost theory and estimation;
  • Demand theory & estimation;
  • Market structure, market power and pricing;
  • Game Theory & strategic behavior;
  • Organization architecture and mechanism design;


  • James R. McGuigan, R. Charles Moyer, Frederick H. Harris, Managerial Economics: Applications, Strategy, and Tactics, Southwestern Cengage Learning.
  • Support material (optional)
  • Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz, Industrial Organization: Markets and Strategies, Cambridge University Press
  • Additional readings will be distributed along the development of the course.