Executive Master of Management in Energy

Forms of teaching delivery

Here you can read about different forms of teaching delivery in the Executive Master of Management in Energy.

Forms of teaching delivery

Online: means that the course or programme is available on digital platforms and there is no physical presence on campus

Blended: means that a course is offered in multiple formats. Can include in-classroom sessions on campus as well as activities on digital platforms. Online lectures and activities can be asynchronous (i.e. videos, games or other activities ) or synchronous (i.e. live chats, zoom sessions etc).

Hybrid: Means that a course is available as a live on-campus classroom session as well as online (synchronous). Students online participate through zoom in specialized hybrid classrooms and can participate in discussions and activities happening on campus. These sessions are always live and interactive. The technical classroom set up allows high quality interaction.

First-class online teaching

For over 20 years, BI has worked with online studies and we have gained competence and experience in what it takes to create first-class online teaching. We do not differentiate in quality between forms of delivery - everything we do at BI must have the same high teaching quality. Because your success is our success. When we are consistently ranked among the world's best business schools, we do so based on measurements of the quality we deliver and you as a student experience.

We believe that learning is created in the interaction between lecturer / student and student / fellow student. In other words, you as a student should be able to learn and benefit from both professors and fellow students on your way to your own development. And we have created that interaction together, also in an all-digital world.

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